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Environmental Benefits of Going Solar: See how YOU can make a difference


More and more households across the United States are making the switch to solar energy to reduce their energy costs. By using the power generated on your own roof, you can save hundreds of dollars each year and help our planet. 


  1. Use Less Water: When thinking about the benefits of solar, water reduction usually isn’t top of mind. Water is one of our Earth’s most precious natural resources and we are always looking for ways to conserve our fresh water supply, especially here in the Southwest. Traditional electricity production can use thousands of gallons of water each year. It is used for cooling generators, processing, and refining fuel, and transporting fuel through pipes. Solar panels don’t require any water, reducing the demand for freshwater. The only water needed is a little rainwater to wash off the panels when they get dusty. 
  2. Reduce Air Pollution: Solar energy systems don’t produce air pollution or greenhouse gases. They take the sun’s energy and convert it into clean, efficient energy. Conventional energy sources (such as coal and natural gases) involve the mining and combustion of fossil fuels, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions being released into the atmosphere. These harmful gases not only increase respiratory health risks but also contribute to climate change. With solar, you can breathe easier knowing you’re making a positive impact on your town’s air pollution. 
  3. Reduce Demand on the Grid: With solar energy, you can (and we recommend you should) pre-cool your home to reduce your reliance on the grid during peak hours. Leave blinds closed and lights off in unused rooms to keep the house cooler, energy usage down, and allow for a more comfortable work-from-home environment. If you are on a time of use rate plan, you can pre-cool your home during off-peak hours, making it cooler than you usually would, and then cycle or turn off the a/c during peak times. Let the home that is already cooled stay comfortable until the time is up. Cycling your air conditioning units will also help prolong their life as they are allowed to not work overtime during the hottest parts of the day, along with all the other appliances that get put to work during the late afternoon and evening hours.  


Elevating the World, One Home at a Time

Not only are we proud to save our customers money each year, but we are also excited about the impact each home is making on our local markets. 2020 was a year of changes but here is the impact our customers have made: 

Elevation Solar Environmental Impact 2020

Ready to Make the Switch?

If you are convinced that switching to solar energy is the right choice for you and your home, you’ve made a decision that will benefit you and the world around you. It will take a few months to get up and running but the benefits will be there for years to come. 

Our professional Energy Consultants are ready to help you explore an energy solution specific to your exact location and situation. Let us help you take back your power today! We offer free, no-obligation, home energy consultations.


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